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boots americana.

i am partial to so many different style pieces,

but i can say with confidence that there is one thing every man should own. 

a quality pair of boots. 

i just recently slipped into a new pair. the red wing 214 oxblood 8 inch boot.

these boots are already the picture of comfort, and i cannot wait for them to being to wear & tear. 

to showcase a few pairs of american made boots, i asked a couple of my friends to tie their shoes when they walked into the store. 

caleb just picked up a pair of red wings himself. the iron ranger 8113 6 inch boot.

the leather outer is already a little roughed and almost has the texture of a worn suede. 

they already look rad, and will only get better over the years.

my pal kyle also just chanced into a good looking pair of red wings. the wabasha 9185. 

the boot is a combo of waxed canvas and leather. therefore, if breathes better & is not as rigid around the ankle as a fully leather boot would be. 

here is another image of my red wings with the moc toe.

this gives better perspective of just how tall they are. 

eight inches is high, so high that i had to pull my socks to full extension to keep from wearing on my skin.

the oxblood color is perfect. deep brown with just a hint of red. classic.

here is another pair of american made boots i have been kicking around in for about a year now. 

the chippewa katahdin iron works 6 inch engineer boot. 

they have the vibram sole, which i find incredibly comfortable. 

i purchased these through ll bean, and they have not let me down.

allow me to qualify why i champion these two brands. 

they are both literally hand made in the us of a and have been in the industry for over one hundred years. 

both brands stand behind their quality with lifetime guarantees. 

worth the investment. 

watch videos of both red wing & chippewa in production. 

would love to be that good with the sewing machine.

pretty rad stuff. 

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